Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life Is Rich And Full

I dreamed up this reallly smart, innovative idea at work that could allow us to expand the number of people we're reaching exponentially without hugely increasing our expenses. If it works, it could totally put us on the map.

Tonight was the first meeting of an adult Christian formation thing at my church. We went around the room and introduced ourselves. I came out.

I'm going to spend the weekend with hot tub guy at his cabin in Pennsylvania's gay campground (no, not that one, the other one)>

Next weekend, I head to DC to play in a softball tournement with the Ball Breakers.

I've got a couple of dates to hook up with these potentially hot guys tomorrow and Friday after work. (It's been a very long time since I got laid. Y'all know that?)

Bob Casey is apparently widening his lead over incumbent Senator Rick Santorum (R.-Penna.).

And now this... on Project Runway, Laura, Michael, Uli, AND Jeffrey are all going to Fashion Week! That. Is. So. Cool. They're all so great.

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Teddy Pig said...

Project Runway!? Oh man, now you know why that email got so messed up. I was doing that plus deploying new code for work plus talking to you.

I love Laura, the bitch, she is damn classy.

If you stop by The Eagle say hi to Karl for me he is usually there behind the bar.