Tuesday, April 29, 2008

They Say We're Young And We Don't Know

I have to admit I found the piece in this past Sunday Times Magazine about gay twentysomethings in Massachusetts tying the know really interesting. Although, I wonder how much of the phenom' is not a gay marriage thing but a generational thing.

Y'see, I work with bunches of guys in their twenties. And they're all married. All of them!

It's spooky!

I'll be talking to one of these kids and he'll mention, "Yeah, the other night my wife and I..."

And, without taking a formal poll or anything, I'd say that guys I work with who are in their thirties? Not married by and large.

I think that in my college graduating class, there were maybe five people who got married before they hit thirty. And this was a Catholic college.

Something is going on here.

And whatever it is, it's just another thing that makes me feel old.

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