Friday, October 10, 2008

Sparkle, Steelie, Sparkle!

Oh that's bad.

As I wrote the other day, the name I selected for my on-screen porn persona was "Smith." Simple, direct, and certainly easy to remember.

But it was not to be. The guy I did the shoot with reported to me just yesterday that the name given to me by the producer or director or whatever is "Steelie Smith."

Say what?

Steelie? Who's named Steelie?

But there it is.

And of course, my mind went right from Steelie Smith to Neely O'Hara in Valley Of The Dolls. And so I think it's inevitable that at some point I'll be greeted with a saluation along the lines of the title of this post.

And sparkle I will.


Anonymous said...

I thought of Keely Smith (with Louis Prima), but I may just be showing my age.

bridyyc said...

just "Smith" was so much better.

Anonymous said...

I saw it - you were actually listed as "Steele Smith," not "Steelie."
And by the way - you have an unbelievably sexy voice...