Saturday, December 27, 2008

Politics Of The Scary

Y'know what would be cool?

If, soon after his inauguration, President Obama paints the White House black. And invited all the living former members of the Weather Underground to a reception at the White House. And drove a big truck up to the Federal Reserve Bank, loaded it with hundred dollar bills, and drove around Southwest DC tossing them out by the fist full.

It would be great if all those right wingers were given an opportunity to experience what I've gone through for the last eight years, as I've seen my worst fears not just realized but surpassed.

Although this whole Rick Warren thing is really pissing me off. Although getting married--gay or otherwise--has never been something I've aspired to, having that compared to incest is really really insulting. But if Obama rids us of DADT and shepherds the Employment Non-Discrimination Act through Congress in his first hundred days, I'll relax about that a lot.

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