Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh... Kay.

Alright. Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome a slew of new readers here to SingleTails. Namely, every blessed person I work with at... ummm... that big store with lumber at one end and a garden center at the other end. Or at least, those with internet access.

It seems that the friend of a co-worker--and a co-worker who I like a lot, not to say I don't like everybody I work with, because I do (I do like everybody I work with, that is), but this particular co-worker is definitely in the top fifty, maybe even the top twenty--anyway, it seems the friend of a co-worker was doing a web search on "Doylestown EMS" and what should pop up by my own humble weblog!

Go figure!

What a coincidence!

How 'bout that?

You never know, right?

So here we all are!

And gosh! This isn't awkward in the least!


So, how was my day? You may well ask! I opened to day at the big store with lumber on one end and a garden center on the other. That means I had to be there at six in the morning. And the day was Nice. I worked hard! There were a few moments I took to have friendly chats with my co-workers--all of whom I like!--but never when there were any customers in the Kitchen & Bath Department or surrounding departments where I'm always willing to lend a hand and help out! And as usual, all the customers today were Nice. And I did my best to be helpful and welcoming and make their visit to the big store with lumber on one end and a garden center on the other end a pleasant and rewarding experience. And that was really nice!

After work, I visited my father in the hospital. He's managed to actually eat some food (fruit salad and some tomato soup), although it seems his bedpan privileges have been revoked and they made him get out of bed to use the bathroom. My father seems to be stuck trying to decide which experience he likes the least: the pain he endures getting to the bathroom or a team of nurses cleaning him up after he uses the bedpan. Neither sounds particularly attractive.

Doylestown Hospital seems to have caught on to the fact that my father hasn't seen a doctor in the past ten years because he hates to go to the doctor, so they're taking full advantage of having him in their clutches. Yesterday he had three CAT scans, and next week they've signed him up for a colonoscopy. My father is vague on the details of what the doctors are saying to him about what they're finding. He is, after all, a man who only hears what he wants to hear. So, I asked the nurse to put a note in his chart for his attending physician to give me a call and fill me in. Last night I picked up a list of rehab options the hospital social worker sent me, and I'll be spending my days off, Monday and Tuesday, driving around checking them out, trying to find a good one for my dad. Somewhere I once read that the best way to evaluate places like that is to go in and take a deep breath: if you smell urine, head right back out the door. Good thing I don't use that criteria in other aspects of my life or I'd...

Oh! Hey co-workers!

...or I'd never be able to use the restroom in a Trailways bus station, right?

Ha ha ha!

So here I am, back safe and sound at home. Faithful Companion has been taken for a walk. I'm settling in for the night. Perhaps before bed I'll watch some television, or maybe pursue my hobbies, which would be ironing shirts and making book jackets from paper bags that I enjoy decorating with crayons and colored pencils and Nothing Else.

Oh, and of course writing posts for this weblog, which mostly involve ironing shirts and describing my recent book jacket efforts. And not much else.

Why heck, I can't imagine why I have anybody reading this here weblog at all, since all I ever do is ramble on about ironing shirts and book jackets! Not much interesting there, right?

Well anyway, I work at 8 a.m. tomorrow--can't wait! tomorrow is going to be another Good Day at the big store with lumber on one end and a garden center on the other, I just know it!--so I'll be sure to eat a nutritious meal and to get a good night's sleep so I'm at my best tomorrow for my job. Which I like. A lot. And the same of course goes for all the people I work with. And the customers who visit our store. They're all so nice! It's amazing really. It must have something to do with the fact that management is both competent and understanding. With those two qualities combined, you're bound to get a great work experience for all of your sales associates (like me!) and attract only nice people to come in to your store.


And one other thing.

The identity of the person who hacked into my weblog and left postings that weren't authored by me and that I didn't write or have anything to do with or know anything about remains a mystery. Rest assured, I've notified Google and law enforcement authorities. They told me that rather than deleting those posts that weren't authored by me but were written not by me but by Other People, I should leave them up because that will help with their investigation. Even though I hate to have to do that, since I don't know anything about a lot of what is talked about in those posts, So, inconvenient and embarrassing as that is--especially since they constitute the majority of what you'll read here over the past five years or so--I'll just have to do that.

Alright, so I guess that's about it. Even though I have some really exciting ironing to do and I made a really nice book jacket for the works of James Michener (one of my favorite authors!), I'll stop here and tell you about that--at length--some other time.


Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I still treasure every one of those book jackets we made when we were both members of that book jacket making circle at that place sometime.

With those other people.

Who were all very nice.

Ames said...

I'm so looking forward to your extensive tips and tricks for making the paper bag book jackets, I'm eager to start... I'm also so sorry to hear about that terrible person(s) who hacked into your site and left 5 years worth of, well, let's just call it what it is... smut...

you must be devastated...

beaver4 said...

Your ass coverings are also hilarious. Keep up the good work.