Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And It's Joe!

Oh cool!

Joe, the guy I'm rooting for on Project Runway, won the challenge!

Interestingly, Joe, the straight guy from Detroit, shone through in designing a dress for a drag queen. And what's more, Varla Jean Merman is totally my favorite drag queen.

And Daniel got eliminated.

One of the things I love about Project Runway is the almost shakespearean quality: we each carry the seeds of our own destruction within ourselves. (Not that hearing "you're out" from Heidi Klum would count as "destruction" by any definition of that word, but y'know.) But at the same time, the folks who really struggle to find their voices as artists and take risks putting themselves out almost always prevail.

And Joe won.

Can anything not go my way this week?

I swear.

Is it my biorhythms, or what?


David Dust said...

Congratulations on your winning streak! And to Joe's...

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Sam said...

Was that "hide the candy" (love ya Ru) powersuit hot or what? It was perfect for Varla Jean.

Congrats on your arrival Drew. Do some Californication now.