Monday, November 08, 2004

Got The Fever

What is with me lately?

I am obsessed. Totally obsessed.

Lately, I'm just thinking of one thing: I want to whip a man.

I want to whip a man really really bad. All I'm seeing are backs wherever I look.

But not just any man. An experienced whipping bottom. Or at least a bottom who is used to playing really deep. Who is open, and trusting, and longing for an axe to break the glacier that imprisons his heart. A man with a sinewy, muscular back. A man on whom I can just unleash it all.

Two possibilities. One is this blond boy. Former Coast Guard. Don't think he's been whipped, but he's big into scat. He's built. His arms are covered with tattoos.

The other one is this... this... guy. He's hot, he's smart, he knows what he wants. Been thinking about him, and our pretty great internet conversation a lot.

Trouble is, he's collared, and his Sir has him in lockdown. So right now, he probably isn't available to be whipped. (Hmmm. Maybe if my Sir talked to his Sir... Gosh, it's just like Junior High again: Maybe if my dad talks to his dad we can go on the camping trip!

We'll see how it goes.

Seeing as it's just about all I'm thinking of lately, something ought to turn up.

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