Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Walk The Earth

I am loving my new custom-made Wesco harness boots.

When I went to the Leatherman to pick them up (with cubby! thanks for sharing that moment, cubby! Folks-- never go shopping for boots without cubby along. It's just a mistake to do that.), I was initially concerned. They felt too large on my feet.

I should have trusted Wesco and the several dozen measurements taken during the fitting. Y'see, they've just molded to my feet. They feel amazing. Like bedroom slippers. Only big black leather bedroom slippers.

I'm wearing them everywhere. Which is kinda tricky as I've come to a new appreciation of what 'boot-cut' means with respect to jeans. Those legs have to be pretty wide to fit over the shafts of my big black Wesco harness boots.

But here's another thing. They're heavy, and they kind of effect my gait. Whereas before I think I at times drifted into a scurry, this ain't happening with the Wescos. I sort of swing one foot forward, and then the other. There's a Zen mindfulness to my stride now. A sort of slower, lumbering gait. I compensate by taking longer strides on my long legs. When I have to hurry up, it's kind of a heaving run. Think of an animated Paul Bunyon. ("Babe! Where are ya, Babe! Oh there ya are! Whatchya doin' hidin' behind Pike's Peak like that? You're a good ox, Babe.")

Love that.

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