Sunday, November 14, 2004

Okay. here it is. The moment you've all been dreading...

SingleTails Is On Hiatus

I'll be back in January, hopefully sharing my exploits at MAL. I'm taking time off from writing here in the hopes that I'll be able to get some writing done on my book.

See you all in January!

Here's some pics of my tattoo work to tide you all over. It's not done yet. This coming Friday, we'll hopefully be able to take it from where it ends now on my left pec down my arm to my wrist. But, you've all waited long enough [g].


...oh. And here's one of Faithful Companion next to the new custom made Wesco harness boots.

You'll be hearing from me in 2005. Enjoy your holidays.


beaver4 said...

HAIL AND FAIRWELL beautifull man. I shall miss you.
Obediently, beaver

G said...