Wednesday, January 26, 2005

But Who Ideas Has And On Similar Drives

This is very cool. Flotsam from the river of internet BDSM. I also received the original German. I'm unsure who (or what) is responsible for the translation, but it's pure poetry. Gives me all kinds of ideas... maybe I'll translate SingleTails into German, then translate it back again.

Does someone feel addressed?

WARRANT OF ARREST: the looked for skinhead (tattoosklave), drives
his nuisance in the region south Germany, in austria and in
Switzerland. (tattoosklave), 1,75m/82kg, with shaved head is, in
skingear to usually find as further camouflages uses (tattoosklave)
an extensive assortment at army uniform. ATTENTION, the convict is
combatready and opposes gladly an arrest - danger of absconding!!!
the looked for is not armed, handcuffs and percussive tools is
rarity. in find-falls is (tattoosklave) to be arrested and for the
remand determined after detailed determination that offense is
(tattoosklave) the execution of sentences to be supplied. does
someone feel addressed? thus I for my part seek to succeed
custodians can and support have nen aufsaessigen skin to determine
and not restrain reliably am always possible everything, but who
ideas has and on something similar drives off can myself times
announce (experience - are not extreme schmerzgoil, so that sm as
argument funktioiniert) - has arrest, binds as btm as as top some,
exhaust, (kidnap) (overpower) - to lock up, cell, cage, dungeon,
hole - verhoer, psych. and physical torture, confessions squeeze
- punishes, withdrawal, punishing binding, impacts, punishing cell
collection of absolute obediently, - knastdrill and armydrill,
obligation routines - degradation, hard labour, stupide activities
- control, forced,.. if someone ideas in addition has or desire
sowas times with me to pull through announces itself is rather
for several meets otherwise leaves itself skin to hardly break a
long weekend or like that would be already better. - I look for
actionmaessig only custodians and SKIN! - are in a durable
long-term relationship and wants this also to change - search thus
no 24/7 or like. - thus who has fantasy and rather toward roleplay
as in 0815 sm or ' boring fuck ' is interssiert can times msg'en.
material action desired, in addition, interssiert at goilem idea

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