Sunday, January 23, 2005


Snowbound is going well!

Last night I watched Laurel Canyon (great!) and American Gigolo (I didn't know there was a scene in a leather bar in that movie, and that Richard Gere's character was sexually ambiguous). Tonight will either be Titus ("What's for dinner, honey? I hope it's something the kids like!") or The Salton Sea or Eyes Wide Shut.

Next time I'm snowbound, I should remember how helpful it is watching movies set in LA. More warming than a cheery fire is watching Richard Gere tooling down La Cienega in his merc.

Today I straightened up my room and put in a load of laundry. Whilst unpacking bags from MAL, I came across my handcuffs. I had sort of a Moment with my handcuffs last weekend. I went to toss them in my gear bag, and then wondered how the locking mechanism works. They're really good handcuffs. I bought them from the guys at Stationhouse Leathers, so they're not the cheapo erotica store variety that served us so well back in my ACT UP days. But I've been skooled that you should never use handcuffs that don't have a locking mechanism.

Y'see, if the lock isn't engaged, the handcuffs will get tighter and tighter on the wrist, cutting off circulation. The cheapo erotica store variety have a little lever thing on them, but I didn't remember seeing them on my fancy schmancy Official Law Enforcement Issue pair.

So, there at MAL, I thought they might not have the locking mechanism.

This scene flashed through my mind... I'm putting the cuffs on some hot boy when from across the cigar tent, some guy yells out, "Stop! Those cuffs don't have a locking mechanism! You're risking giving that hot boy nerve damage in his hands! You're an irresponsible Top!"

Well, y'know... Heaven forfend.

So I left my handcuffs in my room.

So today, I interrupted The Straightening Up Of The Room to take a closer look at my handcuffs. I mean, there's gotta be a locking mechanism there, right?

And sure enough, I found it.

There's this little button, flush with the surface of the side of the handcuffs. And on the key, there's a little pin that sticks out the back of the ring. Shur nuff, when the pin pushes the button, the handcuffs lock.

I'll have to practice that operation so I can do it without looking. Then I'll feel all kinds of confident about slapping the cuffs on the proverbial hot boy in the darkened corners of the Bike Stop.

Gosh, aren't handcuffs cool? Once the cuffs are on, there's just no more dispute about who's in control and who's gonna duck his head down as he's loaded into the back of the cruiser. Handcuffs definitely rock.

But only when they come with that crucial locking mechanism.

And now, I'm off to shovel snow.

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Surgeon said...

Engaging the locking mechanism, also known as double locking the cuffs, not only prevents the cuffs from tightening unintentionally, but I was taught (in the Police Academy) that it also prevents the locking mechanism from moving backwards, possibly allowing the cuffs to be opened, if the top, er cop was inattentive.
Humane considerations aside, cops I worked with were rarely concerned with prisoners handcuffs becoming too tight. I worked in a big city where prisoners were rarely in cuffs long enough for any real damage to be done. So, cuffs were rarely double locked.
I am much more careful about doublelocking during play, because the cuffs are usually on my subs for much longer than I ever left them on my prisoners, to everyones mutual satisfaction

also known as Bulldognyus