Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Oh man. Work is kicking my butt this week. We're working on this job for this hoidy-toidy designer in Connecticut. The desing and finish are pretty dull stuff. But each and every cabinet is crammed with some stupid nonsense thing or other. Every cabinet! It's ridiculous! My partner and I average twenty cabinets a day going through our department. Yesterday, we were able to get through five.

And then there's the weather. It's cold. Today was the first day we saw super-freezing temperatures since I got back from MAL. And it was all of 33. And something always seems to be falling from the sky. Tomorrow's fun precipitation: Snow Showers! All out of movies set in Los Angeles, I'm watching Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut.' I didn't realize it took place in December. All I keep thinking is 'Tom is under-dressed!' and 'Nicole must be freeeezing in that!' and 'What is he thinking going out without a hat?'

But media is keeping me going. My iPod is in working order again, and I'm reading no less than three books. And these cool movies. And it's a new season of Queer Eye. and I'm cooking up a storm lately. Making some really great stuff. And that's what winter is all about.

Anyway. Time for bed. Got to get a good FIVE AND A HALF HOURS before I work another ten hour day tomorrow.

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