Friday, January 28, 2005

Who Says Lackluster Blockbuster Videos Doesn't Carry Erotica?

Lookit what I picked up!

The Experiment

A drama based on a real experiment carried out in Palo Alto, California where a group of scientists gathered 20 people and had them carry out a psychological experiment for a cash reward. As part of the research project, the recruits were divided up into prisoners and guards. In a controlled penitentiary-like environment, "Prisoners" are incarcerated and ordered to obey the rules, "Guards" are instructed to keep order. They are thrown head-first into a two-week long examination of the effects of assigned roles, power and control. That's what happens to Tarek, Prisoner # 77, an ex-journalist convinced he will emerge with a fascinating story. At first, the prisoners treat their roles with detached humor and playfulness, and the guards treat theirs with nervous unease. But within hours, small conflicts and petty disputes force all twenty men deeper into their assigned roles. As these trivial skirmishes quickly escalate, the guards must explore any possible means to keep the prisoners in line, without the use of force--but once a revolt erupts, tragedy strikes.

On the box, there was a picture of a guy with duct tape over his mouth. Better believe I was plunkin' down my $4.47 for that one.

Next up is...

The Smashing Machine

It's bloody and brutal. It's simple in concept, savage in execution and a definitive test of survival: one ring, two fighters, and no one is pulling any punches. It's no-holds-barred fighting. Once banned in the U.S., the "sport" has taken on mythic proportions abroad, with thousands of bloodthirsty fans flocking to see gladiators like Mark "the smashing machine" Kerr beat each other to a bloody pulp. Kerr grew up aspiring for glory in free style wrestling, but became a legend as the world's top fighter. He's king of the hill in the most brutal sport on earth. But the scars on his body are nothing compared to those he carries inside. Today, to stay on top, Mark will do whatever it takes to gain a winning edge. THE SMASHING MACHINE is a raw and engrossing documentary, a visceral portrait of a man willing to sacrifice his relationships, his health -- and nearly his life -- to stay on top.


Last night I watched the second half of Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut. I kinda had trouble keeping my eyes open. It was like an episode of Seinfeld. Nothing happened. Although unlike Seinfeld, nothing happened again and again and again for two hours. Oh. Except some rooms were lit in blue lights and some rooms were lit in red lights. I tried to figure out what this meant (I have a Bachelor's degree in English!) but I was stumped.

Somehow I think these two will get my juices flowing.

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