Thursday, October 05, 2006


So tomorrow, after work, I head down to DC with my softball team for a tournament. And it gets better: we're staying in the Washington Plaza Hotel on Thomas Circle. Which is, of course, the hotel where MAL is held. And one of my favorite hotels in the world.

So why am I in such a foul mood?

Because of a guy, of course.

The Hairy Man.

So we checked each other out on Manhunt. He liked the looks of me, and I liked the looks of him. He lives in Philadelphia, and I work in Philadelphia. In short order, we progressed from typing at each other to talking on the phone. And he sounded great. And, come to think of it, we made the phone call because he typed at me, "So are you just after sex or something more?"

After "Something More"? Am I ever.

On the phone revealed an interesting detail: he used to date hot tub guy. Until he dropped hot tub guy. I was upfront about liking hot tub guy a lot. We talked a lot. We even did the phone sex thing, which I never do because I think it's stupid, and I enjoyed it.

And he kept up with the patter: I'm likin everything I'm seeing and hearing, I think this could really go somewhere, that kind of thing.

So we met for lunch. And he is ten times hotter in person than he is in his pics. I mean, just smokin hot. At lunch, I put all my cards on the table, and his response was, "Well, I'm still sittin here."

And then he made a novel and creative suggestion: that we step around the corner to a porn theater, the kind with the little booths, and get it on.


And I thought that was just the best.

And with our shirts off, running up against each other in the dark. He is very, very hairy.

So at this point, I'm pretty far gone. Thinking that finally my ship had come in. This was a man I could really go places with. This could maybe be it.

And we made a plan. Today, after work, I'd shoot down to his place, and spend some time together naked.

So today, I had a lunch meeting with this guy from the Department of Health. It was the Very Hairy Man. I couldn't pick up and interrupt the meeting, but as soon as it was over, I picked up my voice mail message.

Oh. No.

"Hey what's up. Just about to go into a meeting, I'll be busy for the next hour and a half, then I'll give you a call. Have to do a workaround for later. I have to work from midnight to eight tomorrow morning. So I'll talk to you later."

Now, it wasn't clear to me that we were off for after work. I called him, telling him I got the message, and waited for the phone to ring.

I should have remembered: "I'll talk to you tonight" with the Very Hairy Man means "If you give me a call tonight, I might pick up the phone."

The last three hours of work went pretty slow. I was really looking forward to seeing the Very Hairy Man. Even if we couldn't do the get naked thing, having coffee would be good for me.

He didn't call.


I drove down to his neighborhood, just about impossible as Bill Clinton and George Bush père are in town to receive a medal at the Constitution Center and most of the town is shut down. I called from the corner where he lives.

"Hey! It's me. I'm in your neighborhood. It's six o'clock. Give me a call and let me know what's going on."

And of course I heard nothing.


So what's up with that?

Specific plans to get together. An ambiguous phone call. And then silence. No "I'm really sorry, I was looking forward to it." No "Hope we can make it another time."

No nothing.

The deal is, I wouldn't do that to someone.

Whether it's the case that work came out of nowhere and he couldn't make it, or if it's that he chickened out, or if he just decided the energy wasn't there...

All I can say buddy is, Grow a pair and give a call.


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Teddy Pig said...

So he is a Very Hairy Flake.