Monday, October 09, 2006


Okay. So Very Hairy Man has cut me off cold.

Let's review.

We met up for lunch on Tuesday. Had a great time. Talked on Wednesday about the great time we had and how we liked each other and were looking forward to getting together on Thursday when I got off work. So then Thursday, he calls when I'm in a meeting and leaves this message--all nonchalant like--'going into a meeting, call you when I get out, something came up for me with work and we might have to rearrange plans,' and that was the absolute last I heard from him.

Now, I have to admit that I was hurt by that, but the hurt quickly gave way to profound curiosity. I mean, what the hell could happen to make somebody turn tale and run like that? It's weird! It's sooooo CSI, right? Before the victim disappeared, he received a phone call, from who? saying what? If we knew that...

What the hell could Very Hairy Man have learned about me that would cause him to do that? I mean, I understand. I have deal-breakers myself, but none of them are quite so dire that I'd cut off all contact with the guy when my interest was strong enough to want to set up a date with him.

He described his profession to me as "security," and I kind of get the impression that it's along the lines of Wackenhut or whatever. Did he do a background check? And even if he did, what the hell did that uncover? The D's on my college transcripts in Painting I, Intermediate Italian, and Macroeconomics? Or maybe he met somebody he liked better? Or maybe he had some personal crisis? (The last two are unlikely since he's off and on ManHunt pretty steadily.

It's crazy. And it's driving me crazy.

Probably I should just let go of it all. Chalk it up. Not like he owes me anything after only lunch and a blow job. At first I was like, "C'mon! Grow a pair and at least pick up the phone when I call," but I've moved beyond that.


But... but... I'd give anything to know.

Next time I talk to hot tub guy, I'll see what I can do about getting the skinny on Very Hairy Man.


Damn. Dammit dammit dammit.

Very Hairy Man just seemed like somebody with whom there might be possibilities. And that's what I'm having trouble letting go of.

Ah well.


Teddy Pig said...

Better to know the guy is a flake now than after a few dates.

alterboy said...

Bet he doesn't do intimacy or repeat performances, so to speak. It's unfortunate. He must be out of his MIND!