Monday, October 16, 2006

So I Met A boy

For coffee. In Philadelphia. Tonight. After work.

We had chatted on ManHunt. And he made mention of an interesting fact: he was sleeping in his car. That, coupled with the fact that he's a total smokin hot man made me want to meet up with him for coffee. (And I'll admit there's a fair portion of narscicism there: his bushy stache bears uncannny resemblance to my bushy stache.

And he's hotter in person than he is on ManHunt. He's having a hard time right now. On a number of fronts. And things are looking like they might get worse before they get better. But he was honest and upfront about his situation, and he was still able to smile and laugh. In fact, he had a certain... a certain... exuberance to him. He was seeing things clearly, was doing his level best to meet the challenges, but I still got the sense that he was a man who loved life, no matter what life happened to throw at him.

Oh. And he called me 'Sir.'

And I just had to use all my will power from picking him up and holding him tight and making all the hurt go away.

I wanted to make the boy all better. Or at least let him know that I was in his corner.

So the thing that puzzles me is this: these fatherly feelings he stirred were not without an erotic charge to them.

What's that about?

Something, perhaps, about a strong, good, happy man who just needs a Daddy.

I swear!

And I've recently developed a short-hand to describe to the unitiated who inquire about my kinky inclinations: "I like to make big boys cry." And I hope that's not taken as indication that I'm cruel. Because I'm not. Because after the big boys cry, I'll be there to dry their tears and hold them tight till they stop. (That, my friends, is what a Top does!)

Perhaps that's it. Here's a big boy who has sure taken a whipping lately, only at the hands of the Universe, not me. But regardless...

"Yeah boy... It's okay... Just let it come... Daddy's got you. He's right here. And he's not going anywhere. And he won't let anything bad happen to his boy. Oh no. And he sees the strength in you that maybe you don't see, boy. And he sees your good kind heart, and your wisdom, and your generosity, and your capacity for joy, and your handsome face, and your beautiful body... And Daddy sees all that and thinks, "Dang! He's one special boy!"

So I told this wolf pup that we'd talk again. And, I hope, meet up again. And that I'd say a prayer for him.

And, if'n you're the prayin' type, I'd ask you all to say a prayer for him, too.

Thanks for that.

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