Thursday, January 11, 2007

DC Bound

Tonight, I rushed home from work and picked up Faithful Companion. It was time for his annual visit to the vet. I'm happy to say that apparently, pending the examination of his stool sample, Faithful Companion is in good shape. He's getting older, and losing weight, down nine pounds from December, 2005. So I'm doubling up on his ration of kibble for a while.

I like my vet a lot. He sees my tenderness and playfulness with Faithful Companion, and is apparently charmed by that.

No doubt about it, I'm just crazy about tht little dog with the big brown eyes.

And tomorrow, I'll be dropping him off at doggie lock-up. I'm headed down to MAL as soon as I can make it.

Even though it seems that Man of Discipline is having some health issues and I won't be whipping him on Saturday night. In fact, Man of Discipline will have to miss the whole she-bang. On Saturday afternoon, I'm going to meet up with him for coffee. I've been thinking a lot about him. Not, of course, in a romantic way, since this is 2007 and I'm not doing that this year.

But damn I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, I drive down, check into my room at the good ol' Marriot Residence Inn, and take a nice hot bath. Then I'll head over to the Plaza hotel, check my coat, and enter the sacred ground of the Cigar Tent. And so the weekend will unfold.

Oh man. I need this bad.

I'll be sure to tell you all about it when i get back.

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