Friday, January 26, 2007

Search Me

So, have you all tried the new Search feature here on Singletails?

I've been having fun with it. Both in bringing up some of the more memorable pieces I've written (was giggling anew at "Bear Eye For The Twink Guy" last night), but also searching on a word like "freshly" or "showtime" or "breakable" or whatever.

Up come a series of seemingly unrelated chunks of my life, spanning the five years (Five Years!) I've been posting here.

It reminds me of the conceit in Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five," where Billy Pilgrim, taken away by the Trafalmadorans, does a time-tripping thing, reliving or living segments of his life, as he can both visit the future and the past.

I'm missing the Hit Counter which formerly graced the bottom of my weblog, letting me know that since October 2003 (I think) I had 91,383 hits. So close to 100,000! Ah well. It ain't about that, right?

I'd like a pic of li'l' ol' me to grace the "Who is this guy???" part of the right side of the window, but it seems I have to download some software to make that happen. And I don't wanna. Maybe I can work around that though.

And I'm sorry to say, Ames, I miss the orange. But that's just because I like orange. Orange is my favorite color.

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