Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lone Wolf

So I'm loving Ethan Mordden's Some Men Are Lookers. Although, of course, it's making me a wee bit wistful. Last night on the phone with The Baron, I tried to nail it down.

"I wish I had... ...someone to go to the movies with! I wish I had someone to meet up for coffee with! I wish I had someone to bump into on the street and catch up with..."

The Baron quickly sprang to the conclusion that this was about Some Man. But I quickly reminded him that there will be none of that in 2007, and I'm fairly surprising myself at how easy it was to let go of all of that.

"I want... what? I want friends!" I blurted.

Which left The Baron taken aback, some. As in, WhuddumI? Pâté? For truly, the Baron is very much my friend.

I was quick to reassure him, but point out that since The Baron has made a recluse of himself down there in New Castle, Delaware, it's unlikely that we'll be going to the movies, meeting up with coffee, or bumping into each other on the street any time soon.

Then it hit me. I know what it is! I miss New York City! Not the "Bronx is up and the Battery's down" thing, but the whole spirit of the place. And the people. Of not being able to go a block without running into someone I know. Of getting together for dinner, or coffee, or chatting at the gym.

You know, that life I used to have.

Okay okay okay! Relax! I said "wistful," not "morose." I ain't gonna go there. And it's just a slight twinge, not an all out maelstrom. See! I even had the werewithal to straighten up the livingroom, make chicken stock, load the woodbox, and go to the gym today!

And, it occurs to me, relief is on the way! In a month and a half, sundry Ball Breakers will be sending me email alerting me that the first Saturday that the thermostat gets above 50°, I'm to head to NYC for softball practice!

(Incidently, if anyone is looking for an exceptionally good time, consider joining the Ball Breakers! Not a lot of experience is necessary, we're all about having fun. Get in touch with me and I'll give you the particulars.)


Cranberry juice guy - MAL 2006 said...

Hey, I think I missed something. When did the Baron move to New Castle and why? I thought he was in Philly.
-Just a fan.

Drew said...

Hey Cranberry Juice Guy!
Missed you this year.
So here's the skinny. The Baron, formerly The Baron von Philadelphia because of the way he owned that burg, has spent more and more time down in New Castle in the house he grew up in over the past few years. This was in the wake of some sad and frankly alarming goings on and goings down in Philadelphia. At this point, if he's in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection for ten days during the whole of 2007, that will be a lot.

Norskybear said...

You forgot to mention that all of the Ballbreakers are hot!

cranberry juice guy - MAL 2006 said...

Oh, bummer. I bet you miss your bud. Well,I am still reading faithfully (ok, with great regularity) and I am totaly rooting for you, man! I really enjoy your writings and thoughts!