Saturday, January 06, 2007

Il Miglior Fabbro

A balmy 73° here in Bucks County today, so I headed to Starbucks in Doylestown to enjoy my summer drink (iced quad venti one-pump-vanila light ice latté) and a cigar on the porch. And I decided I wanted something to read. Months ago, I had picked up Ethan Mordden's fifth installment in his "Buddies" trilogy, Some Men Are Lookers.

I was in my twenties when I read Buddies, I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore, and Everybody Loves You. Few books have made me the man I am like those have. So powerful, so thought provoking. Ostensibly the tales of a group of gay men in Manhattan, to my mind they set ofrth an ethic and a worldview. It's just amazing. And, they're hilarious.

Some Men Are Lookers does not disappoint. I was snorting and giggling in no time. And, of course, riveted. Here's a sample of Mordden's writing...

"Look, I like it hot, same as anyone. But what I always wanted was somewher there would be a door that I could walk through, any day of the week, and the person in the room behind the door would know how I felt just by the face I had on. On the back side of the door would be all the assholes and schmucks and idiots who fuck your day up. But on this side I'd get a human being instead of an android.
"That's all those beauties turn out to be, after a god long while. Fabulous androids. Blond boy in a black T-shhirt and kaki shorts. Or dark hair, jaw for years, sculpted soft mouth that gives out with irresistible 'Yeah.' Classic gym hunk dancing in a tank top, arching his back by the water cooler. You want it, they have it. Order now--they do everything. Except feel. Put your arms around them sometime, try for warmth. There's nothing in them!"

Oh man.

So reading stuff that good always has the same effect on me: why pick up a pen? (Or, y'know, why bother to tip and tap away at the keyboard?)

So nice to feel all reflective though. Whimsical. Facing life with an ironic half-smile.

Does anybody out there know Mr. Mordden? I'd sure like to meet him.

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