Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And Dwelt Among Us

Church was packed last night! And there were all these hot boys! It took Christmas Eve for services not to coincide with me working at Ho(t)me(n) Depot, but so be it.

When I got home, after making myself some nice hot chocolate, I settled in so that Faithful Companion and I could have our annual Christmas Eve Ritual. As we all know, from Midnight until 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve, all animals can talk. Here's how it went.

"Okay! It's midnight!"

(Faithful Companion looks at me expectantly.)

"That's right! Here's your big chance! What do you have to say for yourself?"

(He rests his head on my knee.)

"Anything to offer? Nothing at all? No complaints? No words of gratitude for all I do for you?"

(Faithful Companion observes me thoughtfully.)

"Any words of advice? You know me better than anybody. Anything I could be doing differently? Maybe more walks?"

(He wags his tail.)

"Well, if anything comes up, you've got fifty-three more minutes, okay?"

At about 12:30, I we went to bed.

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hermit said...

My puppy commented on the ease of finding a unified theory of electromagnetism, but I was too drunk to remember the details. Then she yawned and asked me to scratch her belly.