Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chrome Dome


I've searched and searched. I've tried baby oil, olive oil, all kinds of moisturizers. Nothing does it for me.

Nothing puts a nice shine on my bald head.

I think that's so hot! Well, let's be clear. Bald heads are hot. Always. (Especially when combined with a nice bushy stache.) But shiny bald heads are like... über hot.

But unfortunately, it seems like you're either born with one, or you do without.

A web search a few months ago turned up nothing. Nothing at all.

Which is weird.

Way back when, like... I was in college... at Zipperhead's on South Street in Philadelphia, I found this stuff called Butch Wax. When I tried to use it, it pulled out my hair. And, y'know, hurt a lot. I wasn't shaving my head then (it was the Eighties, so I had Big Hair like everybody else).

But it's not around anymore. Alas.

But today, waiting for the pharmacist to get my dad's prescription together, I found it.

It's called HeadLube. (I love that!) And it's made by the folks who made HeadBlade, the thing for shaving your head, which I've never found particularly useful.

HeadLube (that's so great!) comes in Glossy and Matte. Matte I don't get. I mean, matte is when you don't do anything, right?

I have yet to give an innaugural dab of HeadLube (HeadLube! So cool!), but I'm looking forward to it.

See that big built guy with the bush stache over there? The one with the cool chain tattoo... Ah! Yikes! He turned his head and the sun reflecting off his head just blinded me!


Here's hoping.

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Ames said...

Brylcreem-- a little dab'll do ya.