Tuesday, June 27, 2006



The search for a new job continues.

Not like I haven't had moments (okay, weeks and months) of doubt. After sending out my resume to jobs that I was completely qualified for and not even getting a call for an interview, I've started to wonder if, perhaps, the world is full of thirty year olds who are more experienced, smarter, better qualified, and, of course, eleven years younger.

For just under five years, I was the Executive Director of a non-profit organization doing great work at the intersection of HIV and injection drug use. Two weeks ago, it hit craigslist: a verrrry similar organization is looking for an executive director.

Now, there are differences, to be sure, but C'mon! I did that job! And did it really well!

I'm not saying I'm a shoe-in. There could be a board member, or someone known well to them seeking to make a lateral move, or someone working at the agency who has been groomed for the job and interviewing others is just perfunctory.

But they can't not interview me.

They gotta at least interview me.

I'm getting my shirts laundered and pressed. Just in case.

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