Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Super Genius

Okay. So on Saturday at midnight, I hit the road bound for Inferno. After the run is over on Wednesday, I'll be working Tear Down, under that relentless task master, Diabolique. According to D., we should be all done by Friday morning, and then I hit the road back. Pretty much, I'll be gone Sunday through Friday.

So, what will happen to my father?

Over the weekend, I was inspired. I made a phone call, and the fix is in.

My deceased sister's ex-husband will be staying here taking care of my father. and mostly, keeping him company.

If I know my deceased sister's ex-husband, he'll do his best to spend a week spoiling my father rotten. And he even likes football, and the Eagles are having their season opener on Sunday. (Twirling moustache with evil glint in my eye: "BWAH-ha-ha-ha-HA! I've thought of everything!") (I love baseball, but football holds my interest as much as a real estate transaction, which is about all a football game is.)


I'm going to Inferno!!!!! I get to whip men!!!! I get to chain men up!!!!

(If you were here, you'd witness me dissolving into incoherent squeals of joy.)

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