Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogging Bush's Last State Of The Union Address!

Nancy Pelosi has totally had work done, right?

Remember how every year, Clinton would toss a bone to the Gays? I miss that.

Like the rest of the country, Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama sure gives me pause. (Fun SingleTails Trivia: I've met John Kennedy Junior, Caroline Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, Jr., with whom I went toe-to-toe debating New York City watershed issues for about an hour. This was tough to do--even for me--with the closest thing we have to royalty in our country.)

The Republicans are sure getting a work out. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Their quads are gonna be sore tomorrow!

(There's the oven timer! I'm baking brownies! And not just brownies, Ultimate Brownies! More Fun SingleTails Trivia: Katherine Hepburn once commented, "There are few graver mistakes you can make in this life than putting too much flour in your brownies. Don't put too much flour in your brownies.")

*sigh* 358 days.

It's Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski! Lesbian! Love her!

Huh. My blogging career has roughly run parallel to George W. Bush's presidency. As it's going now, I'll outlast him.

Oh good! No clones! I've been worried about human clones!

Love what Education Secretary Margaret Spellings is wearing. White is her color.

I work with this guy who's an former Marine. Great guy, and the only person I work with who had the gaz' to ask me right out, "So are you gay?" and went out of his way to tell me that that was totally cool with him, just so I understood that he's not. And he's also the only other guy at work who shaves his head. (Coincidence??? I think not.) Anyway, he told me about this pretty brilliant shaving strategy: one day, you shave your face, the next day you shave your head, then your face, then your head. That way, it cuts your shaving time in half. Been doing that since he suggested it and it works great.

So Bucky and I did not meet up for pho last night. He never called me back. But as far as I know, I'm still on for coffee with Way Hot Man on Wednesday afternoon.

I used to get creeped out by Bill Clinton's hands. He has these weirdly long fingers. And I think his ring fingers are longer than his middle finger.

Why do they all feel the need to read along? Have they always had printed versions to refer to? Are the acoustics in the House chamber really that bad?

It looks like Michael Chertof is having problems getting an adequate supply of the blood of virgins that he needs for sustenance. He looks awful.

If the Democrats hadn't taken control of Congress in the Mid-Term elections, I think we'd be at war in Iran right now.

There's David Souter! Love David Souter! My favorite Supreme Court Justice! He was once mistaken for his fellow Justice Stephen Breyer, and when asked what was the best thing about serving on the Supreme Court, without missing a beat he replied, "Why it would have to be serving along side that brilliant jurist David Souter." And he also seriously considered resigning in the wake of Bush v. Gore, but didn't because he realized that would mean that the new President would be able to name his replacement.

(Waiting for the brownies to cool is totally the Hard Part.)

It's Donna Shalala! Lesbian! She became the president of the University of Miami. Why, that puts her in the same city as former Attorney General Janet Reno. They became Very Close Friends while serving in Clinton's cabinet. (I met Donna Shalala, too. When I did, I mentioned that she wrote a blurb on the back of the copy of Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle that I have. She smiled and said, "Yes I did.")

Whoa. First Lady... What the hell's her name again? Ginny? Bunny? Anna? Laura! That's it: Laura. First Lady Laura Bush clearly looks like she tossed back a few apple-tinis earlier in the evening, huh? I think back in the White House there are a few martini glasses with the crimson red imprints of her lipstick on the rims.

Huh. I wonder if Bush will even be speaking at the Republican National Convention this Summer in Minneapolis? Awkward!

Who is he kidding? The White House cleared out over the Summer. For all intents and purposes, his administration is over already. He'll be able to accomplish nothing in the next 358 days. But that said, I think I agree with whichever commentator it was on CBS: we won't be able to make any determination about his legacy until we see what happens in Iraq. If in ten years there's a stable, democratically elected government in Iraq, then I think I'll be forced to give the guy some credit. Although, worth the loss of American lives and resources? Not by my math.

(Those brownies have got to be cool enough to cut by now.)

Whoa! Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, although not quite ready for prime time, is totally giving Barak's "One Nation United" stump speech!

That Frank Lloyd Wright-ish built in bookcase in the Governor's Mansion in Topeka is pretty cool, huh?

Governor Sebelius seems to be warming to her material now. Maybe someone behind the camera is doing a "be peppier! turn up the energy!" pantomine.

The brownies totally rawk.


-bastian said...

I want a taste of your nice, warm, creamy..... um brownies!

Oops, that was awkward. ;)

jmagi said...

Did you hear that Kathleen Sebelius's 23 year old son has invented a video game about avoiding rape in prison called "Don't Drop the Soap"?

Not that I don't have sense of humor (ask anybody!) but I had to write and say that he should research getting raped in prison first hand before he markets crap like that.