Saturday, January 12, 2008

Making History

The Baron called me (at four in the morning, basically lunch time for the Baron) to let me know some important news. I was in bed, and didn't pick up the message until my lunch hour at work today.

So the Baron was watching television. There was this thing on the Discovery Channel (I think), part of their Modern Marvels series. This episode was on "High Tech Sex." The Baron was awfully excited because apparently right there on his television screen, he saw me.


How fitting!

They covered everything from Victorian sex toys to hooking up on the internet. Neither of those featured me. I was featured in a segment about the sexual revolution, specifically how it extended to The Gays. And they happened to use some stock footage of an ACT UP demonstration, and there I was. Or at least, a version of me from fifteen years ago or so.

I was on Cable Television! How exciting!

This is the only confirmation of this I've had though. Several years ago, when I was on E! talking about Liz Taylor (long story), I got home from work and the calls started coming in, time zone after time zone as the segment aired. So far, no similar deal with "High Tech Sex." But if you do see it, let me know.

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