Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Morning In The Bathroom

My on-the-job erotic reveries are largely, though not entirely, focused on customers. But among the ranks of my fellow Wearers Of The Orange Apron, there are a few who stand out. There's this guy in Hardware, y'see. He's this big beefy man with this sweet disposition. A combination like that gives me ideas. You should see his big muscular ass. Just amazing.

Oh yeah.

Tie him up so he's like hugging a whipping post and go at that big, beautiful, beefy ass of his with a belt till he's screaming.


So this morning, I opened at 6 a.m. Greeting me was a kind of off-kilter task: I was asked to replace a broken toilet paper dispenser in the women's bathroom.

I'm on it!

I ran into difficulties right away though. There were these weird screws holding the old one onto the wall. I decided to call for reinforcements. Like, maybe one of the guys from the Hardware Department...

Soon enough, Hardware Guy and I were working together on that toilet paper dispenser situation, there in the women's room. Those baffling screws, it turned out, were called "one-way-screws." And they're aptly named. So we busted the old, broken dispenser off and that gave us enough room to get a grip on the heads of the screws and get them off. But the new dispenser was of different manufacture, so the holes weren't lining up. Hardware Guy and I decided to put the new one on with machine screws. At one point, we were in adjoining stalls, working from either side of the partition. Hardware Guy was on his knees, placing the new dispenser. I was standing on the other side of the partition, waiting to put the nuts on the bolts. I couldn't resist. Without moving my feet, I leaned into the partition, pressing my hips against it. Just like in tearoom sex!

The bolts in, the new dispenser securely mounted, Hardware Guy and I cleaned up and returned the tools.

"Good working with you!" he offered.

During the day, we'd run into each other. Aisle 31, the Rope and Chain Aisle, is in Hadware, and it's the path I usually take to get out of the store on my breaks, and more often than not I'd run into him there. He'd smile and nod hello. Having no idea of the pantomine that we played earlier.

Ah well. Thanks for the memories anyway Hardware Guy. Good working with you.

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-bastian said...

You are such a perv!

I love that about you. ;)