Thursday, January 24, 2008

I [Heart] Trash TV

And there's a lot of trash tv to watch on Thursday nights!

So on Celebrity Apprentice, I got to watch Tino Martinez and the Steven Baldwin look all fly in suits. And then there was Jenny Finch! Love Jenny Finch! Unfortunately, the most amazing softball pitcher ever got fired. But in a good way! And I have to admit I have a wak spot for Omorosa, that walking, talking Movie Of The Week.

So then I decided to tune into "Make Me A Supermodel" on Bravo. I haven't seen any episodes since the casting call, but that sweet corrections officer from Nashville, Tennessee, Ben, caught my eye way back then so I decided to tune in.

So like omigod.

In this episode we learn about all this Sek-Shul Ten-Shun between sweet little Ben and openly gay Ronnie! And then they paired up and did these sex-sells kindsa photo shoots. Two straight boys getting it on? Yeah. I saw it on Bravo last night. Same with two girls. All four of whom totally did their best to bring it. And hot little Ben looked great, too.

How the mighty have fallen.

My favorite show when I was in eleventh grade? "The Paper Chase." I got all my friends in high school hooked on "Brideshead Revisited" when all the other kids were following Luke and Laura on General Hospital. I totally liked "Hill Street Blues" before you did.

And I've also gone for years at a stretch without watching any television whatsoever. Granted, with the likes of "Mad Men" and "The Wire" and such, television is arguably the best it ever has been. But I... uh... haven't seen "The Wire." (Loved "Mad Men" though!)

In part, that's because I have evenings free. And perhaps that will change.

I called Bucky and proposed that we get together for vietnamese food on Sunday night. Just left a message, so I'm on tenterhooks there. And I called Way Hot Man from MAL and we're meeting at Starbucks on Wednesday. No tenterhooks there. It's on.

Somebody please save me from ever knowing if Ben and Ronnie get it on.

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Anonymous said...

Hill Street Blues fans reading this, may be interested to know there is an active fans website and Egroup, both of which can be found from this link

Regards Andy