Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And So It Begins

Good thing I was handled a challenge at work tonight, because being on the schedule to close meant that I would be missing the opener of Season Five of Project Runway.

O! The injustice of it all!

I broke all the speed limits on the way home and managed to watch the last half hour on the re-broadcast. A couple of pretty annoying contestants, but mostly a pretty impressive group. At the 1 a.m. re-broadcast, I learned something pretty interesting: not only do I like the designs of one of the contestants, I own one... two... three... four pieces designed by one of the Project Runway contestants.


Y'see, Joe Faris is the designer for Schott Brothers. I came by my first Schott Perfecto leather MC jacket when I was eighteen years old. I bought it off my college roommate. It took a beating over the years (back in my ACT UP days, there was this fad of putting stickers on the back of your leather jacket and unfortunately the stickers take off the finish). I replaced it in 2001 with a new Schott Perfecto jacket which I found on eBay. It has this amazing leatherwork of Old Glory on the back. The leatherwork is amazing. So then, a few years ago, I was in Dave's Army/Navy Store in NYC and they had these great nylon cargo pants with an orange fleece zip up hoodie. They are so way cool. So that's four Joe Faris designed clothes.

So Go Joe Faris!

Joe Faris rocks!

And I think his pasta dress was pretty cool, too.

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