Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Media Trifecta

Can you handle it???

I'm not sure I can.

'Kay. Last week we got the opener for Season Five of Project Runway. This Sunday, there's the premiere of Mad Men on AMC. And guess what? Coming soon (early September maybe?) is the next volume of Heroes. So there will indeed be a period when basically the only things I care about on television are going to be running simultaneously.

This is great!

Or is it?

I can see myself demanding of the front desk clerk of the Red Roof Inn in Colorado Springs or wherever, "Do I get Bravo in my room?" And then, of course, there's the whole issue of there I am, the new guy in town in Palm Springs, squandering that New Guy In Town mystique by staying home and watching television three nights a week. And if getting connecting to cable is as much of an ordeal in Palm Springs as it is in NYC (truth: right in front of me, the cable guy turns around, whips out his dick, and takes a piss in a pot of impatiens in my back yard. And no, it totally wasn't "hot."), then there might be a lot of desperate screaming and pleading on the phone ("I can't get AMC and it's already seven o'clock! Please! I'll do anything! Please send out a technician! Please!")

Still, all these changes... New town, new men, new climate, new church, new place to live, new tragedies and triumphs... It will be good to have some constants in my life. Constants such as Tim Gunn, Don Draper, and Hiro Nakamura.

And 'bastian and I have had some lengthy phone conversations concerning Heroes. When I saw the first promo for Volume Three, I pictured us somehow getting together to watch, rapt as the episode unfolded, with 'bastian down at my boots. If I was more adept at the internet, maybe I could host a Mad Men or Project Runway Finale viewing party on craigslist or something as a way of meeting new people when I get settled in Palm Springs.

But we'll see.

Make it work!

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