Monday, July 07, 2008

The Future Is Now

Oh jiminy crickets.

Here I was berating myself for being so lazy today. Work yesterday was mind-numbing. And I forged on through the day thinking about My Day Off. Which would be today. A day to do all that work on the house, a day to take my car in for the ol' fluids, belts, and filters thing, a day to get to the gym for a good workout without having to worry about rushing out of there to get to work.

First off, I totally overslept this morning. I was sleeping for ten solid hours. My alarm had ceased to go off when I finally got up. When I did finally get up, it was like moving around with a trailer in tow. Everything seemed to be beyond my grasp. I did manage to clean up the kitchen some, a wee bit of a disaster as I rushed out the door on Saturday without cleaning up after my baking. But then that seemed to exhaust me an awful lot as I decided to take a brief nap. None too brief as it turned out, as I woke up at 6:55 p.m., about five minutes before I was due to head down to Dilly's to meet up with my buddy Michael Michael Motorcycle and his new boyfriend. I called, apologizing and headed down there. At Dilly's MMM was nowhere to be seen. A message was waiting for me when I finally checked my cell phone (forgotten in the car when I got home from work yesterday) asking if we could postpone till Wednesday.

I drove to Starbucks in Doylestown. Best to unwind a bit on the porch.

And I got to thinking.

So. So you're going to enroll at the College of the Desert. So that would probably be about the first week of September. So that means that you'll want to be in Palm Springs about August 15th so you have two weeks to find an apartment and such. And since it will be about a week to drive out there, you best be hitting the road around the 10th...

And so on.

Funny thing that. I make the decision about what to do in September and it has all kinds of implications for today, July 7th, 2008. Implications that I hadn't thought threw at all. Really.

Holy hell.

So it all just sort of swept over me in waves, all of it sinking in.

And gosh, no wonder I had trouble getting going today.


I was kind of in shock.


So taking a Big Deep Breath.

"Take each day as it comes." That insight has gotten me through the past four months. Just focus on what you have to do today. And today, there's not a lot I have to do to make sure I'm sitting in class bright eyed and bushy tailed at the College of the Desert on September 2nd. In fact, nothing I have to do really to make that happen until July 14th, a week away. At that point, I'll need to give my two weeks notice at Ho(t)me(n) Depot. And then the machinery starts to whirr and the gears start turning. So I have one more week of being in this interstitial mode. For one week, seven days, it'll just be the same ol' same ol' get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, hey-what's-up-y'know-not-much.


It's late. I work tomorrow. Time to get to bed.

And tomorrow I'll see about taking my jeep in for the fluids, belts, and filters deal.

Take each day as it comes.

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dave said...

Hey Drew!

This is Dave from SF. The Asian guy you met at David Humphrey's a couple of years ago.

This really doesn't have anything to do with your last posting but i needed to send a huge CA thank you to you ! I was visiting Philly this past week and took your recommendation on Goldbergs! I LOVE IT! The basement is a gold mine for surplus shoppers! Your descriptions totally took me hook line and sinker!

Not that I am stalking you or anything, but we did drive through Doylestown on the way to New Hope and my bf wanted to know if we should stop at HD to say hi. Which, my shy side said NO! Then we past the couple of HD's and thought, ah,which one? I do have to admit that as we passed the Starbucks on every corner, i wondered which is the one you hang at.

anyway, thanks for the Goldberg descriptions!