Friday, July 11, 2008

Not Again!


In order to get my dual associates degrees in Construction Management and Architectural Drafting at the College of the Desert, I'm going to have to have four credits of gym.

No, really.

Now probably, since this is the 21st Century and all, they probably offer things like weight training and yoga and ballroom dancing and such. But I'm having a fun time imagining being forced to play flag football and medicine ball soccer where you're on those little scooters and having to climb the rope for the President's Physical Fitness Test and such. And having to wear the regulation white gym shorts and a tshirt or else you get marked as "Unprepared."

And stuffing people in lockers. Interestingly, these days I'd be much more likely to be the stuffer as opposed to the stuffee. Although it would all be very Safe, Sane, and Consensual and such.

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Anonymous said...

Weird: I almost ended up teaching design at College of the Desert this fall. Too strange to think of you wandering into my class