Friday, February 11, 2005


So I come out of Starbuck's in Doylestown.

Right across the street is this place called The Paper Unicorn. It's a card store.

Now, card stores make me wince. Store-bought sentiments for Hallmark holidays.

But something came over me.

It's Valentine's Day on Monday! Valentine's Day! Love day! And I am blessed with so much love. Hallmark holiday or no, and even though I'm a day late and a dollar short (as usual), I decided I couldn't let Valentine's Day go by. I had some cards to send.

Now, I didn't find the cards I wanted. The Aztec art exhibit is still very much with me. And what I wanted was hearts. Think "Mexican Tattoos." Hearts with knives through them, dripping blood. Gray's Anatomy hearts, pierced by Cupid's arrow, again dripping blood.

Cuz that's the kinda love we're talking about.

Man love. Rough and raw and sweat-soaked. Testosterone fueled. Dangerous love. What if your boyfriend sees my whip marks? What if your parole officer finds out you left the state? You're sure you're eighteen, right? Passionate love. Sleepless nights and longing and yearning. Clenched teeth. Curled toes. Makin' lotsa noise. Wild love. "Seed me, you mutherfucking PIG!"

Funny thing. They had no cards like that!

But I did the best that I could.

As Chryssie Hyndes said, "When love walks in the room, everybody stand up!"

Now all I have to do is find the werewithal to mail the buggers.

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