Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day One

I met up with the site workers this morning on one of the more obscure corners of West Philadelphia. We talked and talked and talked and talked. Just picking up where I left off so many years ago. This was the slowest of the five sites of the week, so in between clients, it gave us a lot of time to talk. Then, I followed the noble winnebago back to HQ. Before I met with the finance person, the board member who was my host and guide gave me the dirt. I was happy to hear that the dirt wasn't very dirty. Just a smudge that will wash out; the garment is far from ruined. The finance person pretty much confirmed my assessment. And, I discussed my fiscal management philosophy, fiscal person just lit up like a Christmas tree. Y'see, I really know that stuff: budgeting, cash flow projections, fund allocations, segregation of duties... I got it cold. Then I met with a guy who runs a legal clinic out of the agency. And we had a lot to talk about because I had started a similar program at the place where i worked in NYC. Then, there was a nice sit down with my board member host and guide, which went really well. I definitely got the impression that we see eye to eye. And liked one another.

And that was my whirlwind first day! Done! Over! A stop at a new Starbucks on the way home to give myself some space for it all to sink in, and then it was home to recount the adventure to my dad and get dinner on the table.

But here's the kicker: it was fun! All of it. It was totally fun. Every blessed minute of my day, I was just having a blast. That great situation when you're just in the flow, on top of your game, and every curveball thrown your way just means another opportunity to show off.

The Baron is always quick to accuse me of viewing novel endeavors (or men. whatever.) through the rosiest of rose colored glasses. But I swear, this is coming home. These are my people. This is my language they're speaking. And that music they're playing? I know how to dance to that.

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alterboy said...

Yay! Hallelujah!