Friday, August 25, 2006

Week One

A week of meetings and introductions. And I'm still having fun. It does take up a lot of my time, just the getting to and from. And even though I've managed to find time for some decompression at Starbucks, I haven't solved the problem of when to get to the gym. And darn it, I was doing so well.

So I'm wondering if Philadelphia is quite ready for me. At this early stage of the game, before the iron portcullis of reality comes crashing down, I'm all about the possibilities. There's a huge need... Well, several huge needs in Philadelphia. And there's no reason why the agency I'm working for can't go a long way to meeting those needs.

Although Philadelphia can be an odd place. When I lived there back in the late Eighties, before I moved up to NYC, one thing I heard several times was, "We don't do things like that here. This isn't New York y'know."

I swear.

And that was, in part, what lead me to move to New York.

But back then, I wasn't as skilled at the art of gentle persuasion. So perhaps I'll make better headway this time around.

And some more good news. Next Friday, just in time for Inferno, I get my first paycheck from the new job, and my final paycheck for the old job. So it ought to be like winning the lottery. (Not really, it will finance the gas from here to the secret location, and doggie lockup for Faithful Companion, and maybe even someone to check in on my father while I'm away. And pay down on some of my credit card debt.

But I'll be keeping the Hungry Ghosts away, I hope.

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