Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pied à Terre

So hot tub guy was on a business trip all this week, and yesterday he left the bon ton of Terre Haute to fly down to Sunny Florida to spend the holidays with his parents and his sister. And he asked me to water his plants while he was away, and told me that I could use his apartment while he was gone. Needless to say, I was happy to help him out.

Yesterday, Friday, was a half-day at the agency where I work. So I took my dog to work (they love him!), and after work over to hot tub guy's apartment where I watered the plants, got Faithful Companion settled in, and then headed all the way the hell up to Bucks County to make dinner for my Dad. Then, it was over the river and through the woods through fog and rain to attend the holiday gathering of DogTopper and JPZapper.

'Topper and 'Zapper must have staff. I swear! They've got a house in Philadelphia and their place in Pottstown. I've never seen Philadelphia, but the place in Pottstown looks great. And, of course, it was decorated to the teeth for Christmas. Christmas stuff was everywhere. The spread was impressive, as always, and... and... and... How the hell do they do it all? I mean, I wouldn't find time to vacuum that place. (They have pets!) And they're totally the types to plant Spring bulbs and iron their napkins. And they have that amazing dungeon in the barn out back. There's no way they could make that all happen themselves. There must be a staff involved.

Anyway, the party was kickin. Of course. Great to see all those guys again, and great to meet some new ones, too. (And there were no telltale indications of staff, but I know there's staff.)

But then, then, I headed down 422 to the Schuykill Expressway (not my favorite highway, especially in the rain) and into Philadelphia, where I wound my wending way to hot tub guy's apartment. I took Faithful Companion for a walk, gave him his kibble, and spend some time hangin on the 'net, and then climbed into his warm wee bed, up there on the loft in the renovated factory building hot tub guy calls home.

I dreamt such good dreams.

Then this morning, I woke after a sound sleep, took a nice hot bath, and went to help out at our Saturday street outreach site. I had a great lunch at Morning Glory (when in Philly, be sure to stop by), then back to the hot tub guy loft.

Outside, the lights of the Ben Franklin Bridge started to glow in the gathering dusk. Faithful Companion's toenails were clicking on the floors. The evening took shape. Take another nice bath, get leathered up, find someplace to have a nice dinner, head to the Bike Stop, maybe find some smokin hot man to bring home, take him out for breakfast the next morning...

Or, y'know, pack Faithful Companion into the trusty Jeep Liberty and drive an hour and forty five minutes to make dinner for my father.

Can you say "Wistful"?

I've got Wistful by the fistfull.

My own little apartment. Me and Faithful Companion. Walks. Long showers. Making dinners. The St. Andrew's Cross waiting over in the corner. My books. Overnight guests. Trips to Home Depot and IKEA.

Oh man.

One day, one day.

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