Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rock Rose Black Black Rock Rose Black Rose Rocks!

After work on Thursday, I got in the jeep and headed south on one of the three highways called "I-95" in my area (does that phenomenon occur elsewhere or just here?) towards Washington, DC. I was going to Black Rose, one of the foremost pansexual BDSM events in the world. I was there as Bear Man's boy, helping him out selling his wares in the vendor area. It was also my opportunity to realize a lifelong dream of being a rentboy.

The trip down to DC went really well, with both weather and traffic in my favor. I made it to the hotel in just under three hours, and Bear Man was unloading his truck and I jumped right in. Once we got the truck unloaded, we headed to dinner to a seafood place nearby. And then, back at the hotel, I got a nice body shave. For me, this was a huge (HUGE!) exercise in submission. My crotch and asscrack... well, that's just a matter of severe discomfort as it grows back in. But my chest, that's another story. People will think I'm from LA or something! But I just closed my eyes and focused my attention on the sensation.

The next morning, we were all about setting up our area in the vendor market. Bear Man has it down to a science. I wish I could say the same about me and the cash register and credit card machine. It took a while to get a handle on that. But the day went well, although I was glad to be able to get off my feet when the day was done. And it was way cool running into Lolita and Boymeat and the current President of GMSMA and tons of other folks.

That night, after dinner, the dungeons were open. And Bear Man, my owner for the weekend, had some instructions for me. I had his permission to top in a scene, but not bottom, and when I did the scene, I had to be naked except for my ball stretcher, boots, and collar.

Okay. So first of all, this is a pansexual event, so gay men are few and far between. And second, in the event that there were some available men there, "naked with ballstretcher and collar" does not exactly speak of Big Bad Whipping Top. So the chances were slim that would work out, right?

The dungeons were in a ballroom of the hotel, and what an experience it was. First off, the space was huge. Second, the place was packed, and so much play was going on. Everywhere things were cooking. But here's the thing that really struck me: in the all male dungeons I've been in it's all soooo... Serious. But the Black Rose dungeon was all about Exuberance. So. Much. Joy. It was really cool. And all kinds of amazing play. Imagine a pretty petite blond woman menaced by a clown, flogged with baloons and such... I mean, Dungeon Master! Shut down this scene! It's way too twisted!

There were separate men-only and women-only play spaces, so Bear Man and I wandered over to the men-only space. Things were... quiet. But what was there was pretty great. I watched this hot bearded Top turn a sweet boy into a dog, a bootblacking scene conclude with the Happy Ending every bootblack must dream about, and a spirited scene conducted by two members of the DC Men of Discipline. (A wee bit o' history. Back in the '90s, there was an NYC chapter of the Men of Discipline. In fact, it might have been the founding chapter. The charism of the group was all about younger BDSM-inclined men finding brotherhood, support, and exploration with each other. They had a uniform they were all wore, which was purposefully inexpensive, to lower the bar. And they looked so smokin' hot marching in step at Pride I was totally fascinated. But I was in a grusome vanila relationship.) I kind of watched. When the Men of Discipline finished up their scene--which at one point involved everyone in the room doubled up with laughter (Exuberance!), one of them who I had met earlier in the day came over and we started chatting. He mentioned that his club brother, though shy, would probably be interested in getting together with me. And he loved getting flogged. And he was interested in getting singletailed.


Okay, so Man of Discipline was gorgeous. Handsome face, reddish blond hair, beautiful eyes, wonderful body. It was with extreme exercise of self-control that I managed to keep my head together and do the pre-scene negotiations and not just throw him up against the cross and get busy. But after what seemed an eternity, we got there.

And did we ever go places. I took my time, it was Man of Discipline's first time getting whipped. I wanted to do absolutely everything I could to make sure the experience was memorable and wonderful. (Popping singletail cherries is a massive turn-on for me. But you knew that, right?)

Oh. And after I got him restrained up on the cross and hooded, I doffed my clothes, so I was wearing only a ball stretcher, collar, and boots.

I've described many many whipping scenes here on Singletails. And waxed rhapsodic about most of them. But this was just over the top. It was incredible. Y'know how with an introductory whipping, you're holding back, holding back... Well Man of Disciplien responded so beautifully. When I would touch him, approach him, he would just melt into me. The energy between us was just blazing, enough to power a small city. Like Wheeling, West Virginia, say. After was all about "More! More! More!" for both of us. (Man of Discipline lives in DC! And MAL is in DC! And I'll be at MAL! And in the summer, he has a place at that gay campground in Pennsylvania--not that gay campground, the other one--where Hot Tub Guy has a cabin where I enjoyed a few weekends!)

And Bear Man was verrrrry pleased. Watching a man wearing his collar whipping a guy as hot as Man of Discipline did him well.

The next day, Saturday, I felt like hell. Feverish and achey, and my lymph nodes were swollen hurtin' bad. Working for Bear Man was quite the challenge, but as I explained to him, I come from generations of coal miners, and taking hardship in stride is a family tradition. Which sounded good, but when things were finished, I was all about a hot bath and a nap. And Bear Man, who you'll remember owned my ass totally, was kind enough to indulge me in that. And, he wanted us to have dinner at Ebbit's Grill, and we couldn't get reservations until 10 p.m.

Ahhhhhh... Bath.

Ahhhhhh... Bed.

According to Bear Man, while we took our blissful nap, I was Six Feet One Hundred Ninety Five Pounds Of Smooth Shaved Man Furnace. Just burning up the bed. But afterwards, I was feeling a lot better. And dinner was great. And afterward, there was more sleep involved!

But first, a tour of the dungeons. I wasn't quite up for more play, and I suspected that it couldn't get much better than Man of Discipline. Bear Man had a scene in mind for us. It turns out he has this amazing santa suit, and he planned this sort of Bad Santa scene.

For example:

"So, do you believe in Santa?"

"Uhhh... Yes?"


"I mean... Yes! Yes, I believe in Santa!"


"You're lying, aren't you? You didn't leave any cookies for Santa."

"I'm sorry, Santa! This year I'll leave cookies!"

"Well what kind of cookies will you leave?"

"Uhhh... Chocolate chip!"


"Santa hates chocolate chip!"

Once again, the dungeons of Black Rose were cookin'. Santa was a huge hit, and I helped out by smiling innocently and asking folks, "So Santa has some questions he'd like to ask you, m'kay?" Lolita and Boymeat got several wrong answers. But it seemed that it was the woman they were caning who really regretted those wrong answers.

We retired early, and I have to admit I was happy for that. Another good night's sleep.

This morning, I was back in good shape again. I managed the transfer of all of our luggage out of the room. No mean feat, as everybody in the place was also clearing their luggage out of the room at about the same time using the same four elevators. Then I got us lunch, helped Bear Man sell some corsets and truncheons and such, and had several folks come up to me and offer complements on my whipping scene the other night. (Eeeeeee!!! Love that!) Bear Man managed to secure a loaner boy to help him load up the truck, so I was released from my duties.

But first, there was one more act of service Bear Man wanted from me. He selected a paddle from the collection, I dropped my leather pants, bent over, and braced myself against a chair, and waited.


Bear Man pretended not to notice when I made a loud and improbable assertion regarding his parentage.

But really quickly, it was all about hugs, gratitude for a great weekend, and admiration of the wide cherry-red stripe on my firm but voluptuous butt.

So Black Rose totally rocked. Just a phenomenal event.

So now, I'm back home, safe and sound. Work tomorrow, and I gotta get to bed.


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MOD Oh those pretty pretty boys.

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