Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Oh MAN was that a great weekend.

What a hairy beginning! It started out with dope-slapping myself. I headed off from work, and I was racked with guilt. About leaving my father alone for the weekend, about having care for my dog unresolved (in my father's way of thinking), about not calling my father before I left work (like I said I would).

One dope-slap later...


If it is my father's expectation that I spend every weekend home watching television, that's unrealistic. To say the least.

All of the boarding places were booked, so I had my father call my deceased sister's ex-husband's cousin to walk my dog. He needs the money and I pay reeeeeally well. He's home on weekends. He's a sure bet.

If I called before I left work, my father would think of some reason to get me to stop home, and then I'd miss my plane.

After I crossed the river into New Jersey, I called my father. Deceased sister's ex-husband's cousin was walking the dog then and there, my father was fine with me leaving, and I told him I'd call once I arrived and he was grateful for that.

So cool.

And then, the Land of Rain and Flooded Basements served up a Torrential Downpour! I mean, it was really coming down. In buckets. I-78 was moving at about 30 miles an hour. And I had a plane to catch!!!

Or not.

They announced on the radio that LaGuardia and Newark were shut down. Nothing going in or out.

Uh oh.

I called Sir from the parking lot, giving him the news that my ETA may be delayed. Like by days. He asked me to keep him posted. Coming into the airport, I passed the American Airlines check-in counter. On the 'Departures' board, it read CANCELED CANCELED CANCELED CANCELED CANCELED all the way down. Then came the United check-in counter. And what's this? CANCELED CANCELED CANCELED CANCELED... But Flight 73 from EWR to SFO was ON TIME.

No way!


The leathergods were looking out for us.

I had to contend with droves of people who were desperately trying to avoid spending a night in Newark, New Jersey, but made it through check-in and security without much of a problem. One Starbucks Grande Latte Two Pump Vanila purchase later, and I was good to go. On the plane. In the air. Off to San Francisco.

When I landed, I was exhausted. And there was Sir to meet me. We went speeding back to Sir's, and then to bed. At long last, sleeping in my Sir's arms. So sweet. So sweet.

Saturday morning started off with coffee with Special guy. Special Guy was a little peeved to run into me in the Castro on my last trip, so we made plans to get together at Starbucks. It was great. Truly, Special Guy is a special guy. We had a great talk. He's loving life in SF, but confesses to being lonely there.

Then, Sir and I met up after his workout, and we grabbed a light lunch. Then, of course, nap time! I always welcome a nap while traveling. We needed to rest up as we were off to a Biker Barbeque in in Alameda! Wall to wall leather and pugs, amazing food, and good company. It was a wee bit disconcerting being surrounded by eighty-or-so men in leather and not knowing more than three of them. I thought I knew everybody!

When Sir and I got back to his place, we had a great night of watching Nemo together. I had never seen it before. Sir introduced it as a Dad's search for his boy, and... well... nuff said, huh?

The next morning, Sir made a great breakfast, and we were off to Dore Alley.

We got there early (way recommended). and watched the streets fill up. We decided we were under caffeinated, and so headed off to Starbucks a couple of blocks away. When we got back, things were considerably more crowded.

Nobody told me that there would be naked men and public sex!!!

That's so cool! I love that!

How come we never thought of having naked men and public sex at Folsom Street East?

oh. right. cuz mayah blooombug would be all over our chaps-wearin' asses.

Hate that.

Ran into Special Guy again, and also had a fortunate meeting with my long lost friend and former boss, the Hooved Goose. He's moved out of SF to Sebastopol with his unbelievably hot partner. In fact, I didn't recognize the Hooved Goose because he's easily twice the size (in a good way) as when I saw him the last time. Either there's something in the water in Sebastopol, or Fifty is being reeeeally good for Hooved Goose.

When we had all we could take, we headed to the Eagle to use the rest room, and then we headed home.

How to spend the evening? How about with a movie? Cool. I've been wantin' to see Spider-Man 2, and so has Sir, so off we went.

And knock down! The theater was mostly empty? I have never ever been in a movie theater in NYC where there was anything but a full house. We show up after the trailers had started and had our pick of good seats.

So it's decided. I'm moving.

Well, not so fast. Y'see, SF is really cold. Really cold. Like, in the fifties. I saw people wearing scarves. Scarves! And I just know that with my intolerance of the cold, if I moved to San Francisco, I'd be wearing scarves in July. And that would mean I'd never get laid again. People who wear scarves in July do not get laid.

We ate at a great place called Orphan Andy's after the movie, then headed home to bed.

And suffice it to say that it was a great last night in SF. Complete in every way. Thanks, Sir.

And then I got up and had to fly back to Newark and drive home and go to bed and get up and go to work and come home and make dinner for my father.


Today wasn't as rough as I thought it would be. Minimal screw ups on my part at work. Starbucks afterwards. In the rain. News my brother has a buyer for his house. It's working. I'm okay. Not to bad. It's all cool.



Sir. San Francisco.


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Hoss said...

Yeah! Hurrah! I love when a story ends nice! Next time I'm out East, we need to have a coffee and talk SF. You just need to live in a part with good weather.