Wednesday, July 21, 2004

He's A Rounder!


A great iTunes find. From the soundtrack of 'Lady and the Tramp,' I downloaded "What a Dog/He's A Tramp," sung by none other than Peggy Lee.

Great little ditty. And especially meaningful as Tramp, the animated dog, was my first krush. I never understood what he saw in Lady. I mean, she just wants to stay home all the time and have puppies! You're kidding me, Tramp! That's not what you're looking for! You want a running buddy. A partner in crime. Somebody to ride shotgun. And that's me, Tramp!


I guess getting a krush on a cartoon beats out getting a krush on a straight guy, though.

Oh, by the way, "Be zippy and happy and snappy!" was the perennial advice offered by Roseanne Rosanadana. Noooobody got that. And Google searches didn't help a lot.

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