Wednesday, July 28, 2004


So here I am, watching the Democrats convening in Boston. (Loved the Governor of Michigan... thought for a moment that a retired Marine named 'Prozac' was running for Congress from New Jersey, but it's Brosak or something... I've come to like Al Sharpton, a huge leap...)

So I'm doodling around on WorldLeathermen. I decided to do a search on 'Delta,' to see if there was anyone I know that I could expect to be seeing in September. Some guys I knew, and some guys I didn't.

So then, I searched on 'Inferno,' to see who I'd be missing seeing in September. Some I knew, some I didn't.

And then, my heart skipped a beat... There was Mark Collier.

At first, I was outraged. Who the fuck is using Mark's profile??? I was all set to rip off a message excoriating the fool. But then I realized, WorldLeathermen would be unlikely to take the profile down due to inactivity. I checked the 'additional information' feature, and sure enough, it's been just over a year since Mark checked in, which would be shortly before his sudden death.

(John Kerry looks like somebody... Somebody from the '80s... Marjo Gortner? Not quite. A young John Ritter? Getting closer... How old is he? I hope he's not younger than I am.)

So Mark still lives on in cyberspace. If'n you're on WLM, you can see what I'm talking about. Just search on USDrecksau.

So I sent him a message. Telling him I miss him, wishing him well wherever he is, strong and beautiful man that he is.

Thanks for that, WorldLeathermen.

God bless you, Mark.

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