Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Who Does John Edwards Look Like?

Okay. This is driving me a little crazy. Somebody who sang something...

Wait! John... John... What was his name? I think he had his own talk show for a while. John...


John Davidson!

John Edwards looks like John Davidson!

Total Separated-at-Birth situation.

He says "why" the same way Bill Clinton said "why": waah.

What a cute little boy he has! Oh he's adorable! And he's their details-never-to-be-discussed miracle baby, right?

Edwards sure is high octane. The vice presidential debates are sure going to be must-see tv, huh?

Oh dear. And following John Edwards' speech, a hip hop group. Yo yo yo! Look at da Democrats representin'! Yeah. Gwen from the North Dakota delegation is got the milkshake they all be wantin'. Fo'shizzle!

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