Friday, February 16, 2007


I have an interview with the conservancy organization on Tuesday morning. That was the very first place I sent my resume. I like the group a lot, and I think I have a lot to offer them. (I can't imagine that there's a raft of resumes from people who grew up enjoying the aspect of our Bucks County heritage they're out to rescue and protect and who also have over almost two decades working in government and non-profit leadership.)

But... Like... So soon?

I'm just getting used to this whole high-protein-breakfast-surfing-the-web-and-checking-email-doing-work-around-the-house-running-errands-heading-to-the-gym-for-a-good-workout-relaxing-at-Starbucks-grocery-shopping-fixing-a-delightful-dinner-for-my-dad-taking-in-Heroes/Top Design/Supernatural-writing-Gay-Werewolf-Erotica routine! And now it might be over? I'll have to go to work?

Dude! Don't harsh my mellow!

Maybe I can make some excuse to put off a start date so I can enjoy this Life of Leisure at least until the weather gets warm and I can get outside and enjoy.

But on the other hand, I've got two balled tires on my jeep and tires ain't cheap.

I'll adapt.

And thrive!

If need be. There I go again: one chick, two chicks, three chicks... four... five... eight... ten... Why, look! I have a dozen chickens here in this egg carton! Ease off. Go with your strengths. It'll be cool, whatever happens.

Let's remember: it was nothing less than Divine Intervention that got me in this pickle, so however it works out, I'm in God's hands.

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Norskybear said...

WTF? I really must put more time into my blogging. I completely missed your lack of job status. Hope you can turn it into a positive like I did. No wonder you have been posting so prodigiously lately. (Ooh, double adverb; I really am becoming a teacher!)