Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Leavin, On A Jet Plane

I am off to Sunny Southern California on Thursday!

Reeeeeally looking forward to that. I'll be staying with my buddy Alpha, and also--I hope--meeting up with Roadkill for dinner.

Alpha has promised me time in the desert and time in a hot tub. And man am I looking forward to all of it.

And I've been thinking about San Diego.

In terms of "After."

I could totally live there. Easily.

First and foremost, I know people there. People I've come to love.

And also, Roadkill has built a beautiful thing there with SuperPigs. Once a month at Stately Roadkill Manor, the place is transformed with slings and crosses and eye-bolts and the like. On average, forty men gather there. The evening starts with dinner served on the deck. After dinner, the cigars and pipes come out. Then, the play begins. And from what I've heard and seen firsthand, it's some of the best SM you'll find anywhere.

But pay attention to the dinner part! Forty men, mostly in leather, talking and getting to know each other over food. That is a beautiful thing.

And of course, it takes a lot of work. And all of that work is done by volunteers.

At the outset, it was Roadkill, his slave pluG, and a handful of their friends. Now, key volunteers, called the "Core Pigs," are pretty much running the show. Pretty generous of Roadkill to offer up his home like that, no?

In otherwords, in San Diego there exists something all to rare in the leather world today: community. And that, of course, is is what I want the most.

So yeah, the way I'm thinking right now, I'd hire movers for the big stuff (books, bookshelves, a few pieces of furniture), load Faithful Companion in the back of my trusty Jeep Liberty, and head west to San Diego.

So, this trip should be particularly poignant.

I don't anticipate having much in the way of World Wide Internet access while I'm out there, but when I get back, I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

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