Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Not Obsessed With Olivia Newton John, But Some Of My Best Friends Are

For real.

Clicking on this here link will take you to one bloggers choice of the Five Worst Videos Of All Time. Leonard Nimoy singing a tribute to Bilbo Baggins is a demented gem, but what I really appreciated was Olivia Newton John providing visuals to her mega-hit (ahem) "Let's Get Physical."

My best friend in high school, Ed, claimed to be obsessed with ONJ. (Ed was gay, and we all knew it, even if Ed didn't, so his frequent declarations that she was "soooo hot" were greeted with a chorus of "okaaaaay"'s)

Anyway, well I remember this video, watching it in my college dorm when MTV was new.

Oh how physical fitness has evolved in twenty-five years! I used to have those little wrist squeezy things!

But we get to see ONJ as a psychotic aerobics instructor, a massage therapist who seems to be using way more grease than would be necessary for Happy Ending (but spicing it up with some breath control?), and burbling water in the shower.

The punchline--that working out at the gym makes you gay--has always been self evident to me.

Think the "hunks" at the end look hopelessly and laughably dated? Well kiddo, come along with me to a place called New Hope, Pennsylvania, and we'll visit the Raven, where on an average night, seventy percent of the crowd looks Just Like That.

That's what I have to put up with.

ONJ does have a great voice though.


Norskybear said...

Thank you for wasting a half hour of my life that I will never get back...

Drew said...

Hmmm... Time that might have been spent posting on NorskyBear, perhaps? You're gettin' a little stale there, Lars.

Norskybear said...

I'm too busy reading about your fascinating life. Besides I'm too busy marking damn papers to be blogging!

beaver4 said...

Can you imagine the casting call for the bitch in this vid?