Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Great (Gay) American (Werewolf) Novel done.

At least the first writing. Want to let it rest for a bit, then give it an edit.

Writing it left me ecstatic, and I was sorry to see it completed. The characters, Gary and Vic (and Gary's dog Sophia) were great to spend time with. It was like they were telling me the story, and I looked forward to seeing What Happened Next.

Since it went so well, and since I seem to have... uh... a lot of time on my hands, maybe I'll turn my attention once again to Fire On The Glacier, see if I can hang some more roses on that trellis.

Since TG(G)A(W)N is complete, I'm wondering about getting it published. It came out to just under seventy (12 pt, single-spaced) pages, not enough for a novel, too long for a short story, more or less a novella. And I'm not even sure at this point who even publishes stuff like that.

But I think it's good. In fact, I think it's great. Although I'm obviously not the best person to make that determination.

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