Friday, July 13, 2007


You can have your Cartier-Bresson, you can have your Weegee, you can have your Ansel Adams, you can have your Man Ray, you can have your Cindy Sherman, you can have your Bruce Weber, you can have your William Cristenberry, you can have your Diane Arbus, you can have your Alfred Steiglitz, you can have your Robert Mapplethorp.

Just give me Bearfighter. Photography has found its apotheosis in his work. Beautiful. Takes my breath away. Sure as hell wish I had the money to buy some. Absolutely stunning compositions.

I'll just mention here that there are exactly 110 shopping days left until my birthday and if I were to commence my forty-third trip around the sun with Bearfighter's "You Are Mine" hanging on my wall, I would be a verrrrry happy man.

(Oh. And I didn't mention BullmanX in the above list because his stuff rocks, too.)

(The already profound debt of gratitude I owe to the brilliant Jocko is only deepened for his turning me onto this. T'anks, J.!)

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-bastian said...

Ohhh, I'm almost ashamed to admit that about two months ago I scoured the internet for every picture of Bearfighter I could find. He makes me want to melt down on my knees and..... hmmm maybe I should keep this to myself. [big grin]