Friday, July 13, 2007

Fragment Of A Never To Be Written Screenplay

[Nick and Roman are in a vintage white 1973 Ford Mustang, driving to Las Vegas on a desert highway. The time is the present. Nick is driving; Roman is in the passenger seat. They have been silent for some time when Roman speaks.]

Roman: Y'know, all I want is a relationship. Why is that so hard?

Nick: No. No, you don't. Nobody wants to be in a relationship. People don't want to be lonely. Or they want to not have to work so hard to get laid. And they think--incorrectly--that a relationship will solve that. Which it won't. You don't get anything from a relationship. Being in a relationship is nothing but a selfless act of altruism.

Roman: So I don't want to be in a relationship?

Nick: The only reason to want to be in a relationship is because you want children. And anyone who wants children is insane.

Roman: Huh. You're right.

Nick: Of course I'm right. And I'm right about this, too: what you want is to fall in love. That's all everybody wants.

[The camera pans to Roman, viewed from outside the passenger window, gazing out the window, looking vaguely confused. Then, a look of recognition crosses his face, and he turns and looks at Nick.]

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