Thursday, July 19, 2007


I think that many of you might thank me for this. So that's what accounts for the sudden popularity of Rugby! Take note though: it's definitely not safe for work.

What I find really interesting is many looking at this would think they're "acting gay." But no. They're not. They're acting like men. That's pure, unadulterated man behavior. Any man who has ever been in an all male environment when the testosterone starts pumping (fraternities, Boy Scouts, gym lockerroom) knows that carrying on like this is inevitable. (Unless there's a closeted homo in the group, who would be the first one to say, "You guys! C'mon! Quit it!" because he's fearful that his head will explode if things go too far down that road.)

But gay men get slammed for having a penchant for whipping it out at every opportunity, not infrequently by Gabriel Rotello other gay men.

There is no shame in being a man.

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