Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Promises You Make To Yourself With Your Fingers Crossed

A fascinating concept, no?

I was introduced to it over the weekend by my buddy the Real Estate Mogul Of Doylestown.

We were driving through some beautiful Bucks County farmland that somehow hasn't grown a crop of McMansions and REMOD mentioned that he once promised himself that he'd have a farm and raise sheep, and at the same time prayed that he'd never have a farm and raise sheep. Y'know? One of those things that works great on a conceptual level, but the image of yourself shoveling sheep dung in August gives you pause.

Here are some examples of some Promises I've Made To Myself With My Fingers Crossed...

• Learn to skateboard!

• Be on a Reality show!

• Compete in MAL!

• Be a hustler!

• Have a motorcycle as my primary means of transportation! (What? No cup holder? I'll keep my iced quad venti two pump vanilla light ice latté where exactly?)

• Seduce a straight guy!

• Meet anyone whom I idolize! (Way too stressful. And then they go and disappoint you by being merely human.)

• Live in Moscow!

• Enter a monastery!

• Learn vietnamese!

• Attend Burning Man!

• Open my own restaurant!

• Be a Law Enforcement Officer! (I'm way to old at this point. And what do you mean I'd have to shave my moustache? I'm not thinking of T.J. Hooker so much as I am Goldblum on Hill Street Blues.)

• Become a wine connoisseur!

• Jump off the high dive!

• Throw pottery on the wheel!

• Go on an archaeological dig! (I'm still enthralled by this idea, but a Real Live Archaeologist I met explained to me that it's several weeks of you, eighty-one square feet of dirt, a teaspoon, and a collander.)

• Join the Merchant Marines!

• Enter a Jesuit novitiate!

• Father a child!

• Take voice lessons!

• ...and so many more.

What are some of yours?


Anonymous said...

Hey drew- what a great concept-

here's mine -

- support myself with my arts and crafts
- air brush a side of a building
-say hi to the next guy i think is hot
- become a body builder
-not go to one of the "sacred" family function
- actually not spend xmas with my family
-fix up my 1966 289 v8 mustang
-get a mohawk after i quit this job

Anonymous said...

Live and travel in an RV

Become a sex worker

Become a writer

Live a 24/7 M/s relationship

Backpack through the UK and Ireland

Run/Own a cafe

Run/Own a bookstore

Seriously take up a martial art

Anonymous said...

- Totally give myself over to a hot man, one night with almost no holds barred

- Learn Bridge (the card game)

- Chart out my family history

- Learn to drive a motorcycle

- Learn to drink and appreciate beer without making "that face"

girlfag said...

This is great. I had to do it too...!