Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Treat Yourself!

Summer! Don't we love Summer!

Disconsolate because you don't have an iPhone and want one so bad?

Toss yourself a bone, Baby!

On your next trip to the store, pick yourself up some blueberries. Better get two quarts. One quart just won't satisfy.

Take the time to pick through them, getting all those little stems off and rinse them with cold water. Then put them in a nice little bowl, sprinkle a little sugar on top, and cover them with cream.

So. Good.

So. Unbelievably. Good.

What makes a nice accompaniment? Lime-ade!

Go out and get yourself some limes. Bring them home, juice the limes, either in the juicer or the old fashioned way: cutting them into quarters and squeezing the juice out. Oh! Forgot a step! Take a vegetable peeler and take off the zest of the limes. Keep it in big pieces.

Okay. Now here's the important part. The lime juice has to cure so it won't be bitter. Just leave it out on the counter overnight.

[Omigod! I'm watching Top Chef. I love that Howie and Joey almost got in a fist fight at the start of the competition, and now they've got a total mancrush thing for each other going on. And their food rocks.]

Anyway, after your lime juice cures, you can use it to make syrup. It's easy! Pour the juice into a measuring cup and see how much you have. Then put it in a saucepan on the stove and add the zest. Let it simmer for a little while so it steams but doesn't boil. After about twenty minutes of that (find something to do in the kitchen so you can keep an eye on it), add an equal amount of sugar to the lime juice you had. For instance, if you had 2/3 cup lime juice, add 2/3 cup sugar. Stir the sugar so it dissolves, and that's it. Pour it into a bottle, or you can pick up one of those squeeze bottles for ketchup or mustard at the supermarket. To make lime-ade with your syrup, fill up a pitcher with ice, squirt some syrup over the ice, and add water. (You can make it by the glass, too.) Experiment with the syrup: a little goes a long way. The syrup is also PERfect for making yourself a nice Mojito, too. All you need is some fresh mint and rum.

Oh. The interview this morning went great. I met with the owner of the company, and liked the guy a lot. (Not that way! Okay. Maybe I did a little.) The company is great. It's growing and successful, and I could grow with it. The job is just ideal for me. It's all about projects, each one a new cast of characters and a new situation, new problems to solve. I'd be learning so much. And I'd get to work with Men With Tools, something I grew to love at Wuperior Soodcraft.

Oh man. It would just totally rock.

Now see, I went and got myself all overheated thinking about this job.

I know! I'll cool off with a nice glass of lime-ade.

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